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Little Jewford

Lone Star Journal -- Another Fine Release From Little Jewford
A Texas Original Finds A Whole New Style by Nick Lewin

The latest recording of all new songs by Texas musician Little Jewford is “Little Jewford Plays The Little Jewford Songbook.” As you might guess it contains self-penned songs from this popular and talented musician. The fact that it is labeled “Opus One” gives hope that there will soon be a companion album for us to enjoy! It has been too long since his last release “A Little Little Jewford,” and the many fans of this cult performer, and highly talented pianist, are already expressing excitement about the style and direction his music is taking.

Jewford is delighting his old fan base and attracting new fans with his quirky style and inimitable skills at the keyboard. The release is co-produced by Brett Cline, who also supplies invaluable musical input on the recording. It truly expresses another facet of this superb artist. Jewford’s humorous and often heartfelt lyrics blend perfectly with his piano stylings. Part Dr. John, part Gershwin, and a whole bunch of other things, Jewford has found a unique style in the music world.

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