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Little Jewford

Little Jewford puts on one helluva show...a first class showman! -Perry Tong, Pop's Safari Room

“...the hilarious Little Jewford, a longtime Friedman collaborator and original member of the Texas Jewboys...has played the comic foil to Friedman for decades and has his act down to a comic science.”  –William Michael Smith, Houston Press Blog

"A true professional and a tremendous entertainer.  One month turned into two years. The Best!" -Charlie Head, Stella's Piano Bar

"This multi-talented musician/witty comedian… is the only original “Texas Jewboy” left standing with the man in black. His approach to the audience…is like a tractor beam from an alien ship taking you to a distant galaxy." - 

"Little Jewford's...dry humor is a plus as is his playing of keyboards and accordion." -Variety

“He’s a g**-damned Shostakovich.” –Kinky Friedman

“Little Jewford …functioned as a one-man Firesign Theater, playing Ed McMahon to Friedman’s Johnny Carson and punctuating the proceedings  with MC patter, deadpan  asides, and impressively articulate belches.” –Times of Acadiana 

"Especially skilled at vocal delivery is Houston keyboard man, Little Jewford." -Houston Chronicle

“And speaking of Little Jewford, that piano-playin’ Jewboy who loves the sound of his big, Big, BIG announcer voice…Jewford’s pretty damn imaginative & pretty damn funny.” –The Urbanite Magazine 

“The entertainment would have won any "Best in Show!"  Little Jewford serenaded the crowd on the piano” –

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Little Jewford
New Braunfels, TX

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